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Worldly Protector - Cha Kyung

Jakyung (Bird-Horned Eagle. Tibetan: bya khyung): an indigenous mountain god of the Amdo region, in the retinue of Amnye Machen, the mountain deity of the west side of the river in Rebkong, Amdo, Tibet. According to Tibetan Buddhism Jayung was subjugated by Padmasambhava.

Peaceful in appearance with one face and two hands the right holds aloft a banner adorned with silks and jewels. The left hand held at the waist carries a vase filled with precious jewels; riding atop a light brown horse. Above sits Padmasambhava with a rain of jewels falling from the vase in the lap. Attendant warrior figures ride below with heaps of treasure piled between the two.

Origin Location: Eastern Tibet
Date Range: 1960-
Lineages: Nyingma and Gelug
Tags: танка тибет ньингма гелуг

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