Ада Ардис (ada_ardis) wrote,
Ада Ардис

Kurukulla (Buddhist Deity)

Kurukulla surrounded by the set of the Thirteen Golden Dharmas.

Beginning at the viewers top left and proceeding clockwise are Maitri Khecari, Naro Khechari, Rakta Ganapati, Indra Khechari, Takkiraja, donor figure, Rakta Jambhala, Simhamukha, Black Manjushri, Red Vasudhara, Shabala Garuda, Tinuma, Gold Drop Kurukulla.

Tibetan: ཀུ་རུ་ཀུ་ལེ། ནང་ལྷ།
Origin Location: Tibet
Date Range: 1800-1899
Lineages: Jonang (Sakya) and Buddhist

Tags: танка ? тибет

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